The inspiration for Project 9 stemmed from Founder and President, Nika Farokhzad's, experience interning for her state representative, Representative Ruth Balser. Nika discovered that the majority, if not all of the people who were reaching out were older. Very few young people emailed or called the Representative, and Nika noticed. Nika envisioned an organization that focused on helping youth engage with their state and local governments.  

Inspired by this vision, Nika founded Project 9. Project 9 connects young people with political opportunities on a state and local level. Members of Project 9 work with political campaigns, are given access to internships, host fundraisers, and more!


Project 9 is revolutionizing the way that young people engage with politics and government. 


Project 9 is a community of young people who are committed to making change on a state and local level. Once a member of Project 9, members receive weekly emails with political opportunities. Opportunities include exclusive political campaign events, coveted internships, lobby days, activism workshops, and more!


Project 9 is partnered with a number of amazing organizations across a variety of fields and issues. Examples of organizations include the National Women's Political Caucus, The Representation Project, Our Climate, and more! Opportunities with these organizations include various events and projects. Not only do you have access to Project 9's opportunities, but you also have access to resources and events at these partner organizations as well! 

Leadership at project 9

Staff Writer

Staff writers write for our blog! They can choose to write about any topic/issue they are interested in, and they may submit pieces as often as they want to.

State chair

Our State Chairs coordinate with the Executive Team to plan state-specific opportunities. State Chairs act as a liaison between their state and the Project 9 national leadership. State Chairs oversee the chapters in their state. 

executive team

The Executive Team keeps our organization going. The positions on the Executive Team are the highest ranking leadership positions at Project 9, and team members work together to manage and oversee Project 9's operations and daily activities.