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2022: Project 9 Book Club

A monthly list of our Top 10 Reads from the past month. Books include memoirs, investigative journalism, and more.

2021: National Climate Strike Week

Project 9 hosted nationwide protests calling for climate action during Earth Week 2021 (April 19-24). Project 9 members around the country registered strikes and fought for comprehensive climate action. Most notably, the Massachusetts and California Project 9 branches organized fantastic climate strikes. Representative Tami Gouveia (14th Middlesex District) attended and spoke at the Massachusetts strike. Massachusetts strikers urged their legislators and local elected officials to co-sponsor and fight for 5 critical pieces of climate legislation, including S.9: an act creating a next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy. S.9 was signed into law. 


2021: Young Voters Project

In 2021, Project 9 spun out The Young Voters Project, a youth-led political strategy task force that optimizes campaign strategy in order to engage young voters with state and local elections. In simplest terms, the Young Voters Project amplifies youth voices during the election process. The Young Voters Project has worked with campaigns running for congress, district attorney, mayor, and more.