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Hi, we're the Young Voters Project.

Spun out of Project 9 in 2021, the Young Voters Project is a youth-led political strategy task force working alongside campaigns to optimize for youth engagement. We utilize our networks of young people from Project 9 and partner organizations in order to effectively redesign campaign strategy with youth priorities and engagement in mind.

Our 3 Pillars


1. VOTE: We redesign campaign strategy to engage young voters in elections, primarily ages 18-24.

2. CAMPAIGN: We mobilize young people to power campaign operations behind the scenes. Engaging volunteers with phone banking, canvassing, etc.

3. ANALYZE: We conduct research both independently and in partnership with various think tanks to identify, analyze, and synthesize youth priorities. Our guiding question: What do young people care about––right now?  And why?  We provide current, powerful data analysis and sentiment summarization. 

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